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I am going to give you the long story… So, if you want the short story please check out the video on YouTube or below.

Just to preference this story and set up the playing field, I am a Hispanic Veteran Female that is a serial entrepreneur.  I began my love for golf a little later than most people it began in my 30’s.  My introduction to golf - I had a boyfriend before who loved to play golf and would go every so often with his buddies. We had a great relationship and I would always ask him to teach me to play golf and to take me with him golfing.  He would always do two things tell me this was his “Boy Time” and put me off and say maybe one day, well one day never came.

Well, I am sure you get what is coming next… So, then that day came when we broke up and I took golf lessons yup I empowered myself. 

I bought some cheap clubs to get started and I got lucky and was introduced to the EWGA Executive Women’s Golf Association where I found lots of other female golfers.  This group was created to get more women to play the game of golf. I loved it and I met a lot of Professional women who loved to play golf.  This group was a HUGE Blessing and they were so welcoming and friendly!


I don’t think people (Men) get it or understand what women feel like when they want to golf at golf courses. Let’s break it down for you so you completely understand the mental trauma.

We (women or any beginner golfer) get the following feelings:



The Feeling of Not Being Good Enough

Feeling Rushed

Being Judged

Let’s just say when we go to the golf course we FEAR who we might be paired with.


It is really hard for anyone to want to play golf but also find other golfers of the same level or mindset to play with.  Golfing is very intimidating as it is, the people who regularly play golf are your typical old white guy (sorry for being so specific).  The other intimidating thing is when you are a solo player or even if there are two of you, what happens is the course will most likely pair you with other players to maximize every opportunity to get more people on the course.  This is what makes golf either the Best 2 to 4 hours of your life or the WORST.


This creates lots of problems that the course is not concerned with because again they need to maximize every opportunity to fill every golfing slot with paying bodies. This does not make the golf course right or wrong it makes the system broken because it does not account for other people’s needs.

Please join my movement and help "More People Play More Golf with"




So, let’s fast forward to NOW ... and to be exact summer of 2019, I have a wonderful boyfriend whom I met 6 years ago.  When I met my boyfriend, I was still part of EWGA, and I golfed all the time with the ladies.  One day he told me he wanted to learn to play golf and I was open to it because I wanted to have a partner in crime to play golf with. 


Ok back to the story...  let’s keep moving the clock forward I am still with my boyfriend and we play lots of golf together… I love trying new courses with him. 


Now to the meat and potatoes of how Golfing Buddy got started.  My boyfriend wanted to play golf one weekend and it was a beautiful weekend.  Just a heads up we live in the Midwest, Milwaukee to be exact, well the people in the Midwest take advantage of great weather when we have it because we have over 6 months of winter. Yup over 6 months so when the weather is GREAT, we get out and enjoy every ounce of it.


So back to the story it is a great weekend and it is fabulous outside, and I had to get a project done I could not get out and play.  He wanted to get out so badly and he called every one of his buddies, but no one could get out or join him to play golf.  So, he was pouting and moping around the house I felt really bad for him, so I said hey wouldn’t it be awesome if we had an app or website where you could find a golfing buddy.

And BING BING BING Golfing Buddy was born!

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