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Looking for a Golf Partner or a Partner Who Golfs?

Article by Abbey Algiers, March 2024

We all want to find someone to play with on and off the course. Sometimes, we get lucky and meet those people IRL. However, it’s a busy world out there, and finding the “parfect someone,” whether for golf, love, or both, can be challenging. 

But remember, it’s 2024, and if you’re a golfer looking to get paired up (say it with me), there’s an app for that.  Below is just a sampling of the many online apps to help you find golf companionship and/or love:

  • Golfing Buddy – Not only can you find new golf pals, but you can also find places to golf and golf events in your area. These things could lead to finding your perfect golf and/or life partner.

When it comes down to it, there are ENDLESS OPTIONS online (and IRL)  for finding like-minded golfers. The trick is investing our time and energy in doing something we love – golf- and like magic… we’ll attract others with common interests. 

Here’s to finding great partners, on and off the course! 

Read the Full Article here on the LPGA Women's Network.

About the Author: Abbey Algiers - Abbey lives in the Midwest with her husband and spends her time writing, teaching English, traveling the world, and balancing it all with golf, running, and yoga.

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Golfing Buddy wants to help people play more golf and fall in love with the game of golf!

Golfing Buddy will match you with like-minded Golfers NEAR YOU based on your interest in "What You Like About Golf." We want you to connect to other Golfers who like the same thing you do while playing golf. Golf was never intended to be a solo sport. Golf is about getting together with someone for 2 to 4 hours so you can "Get to Know Each Other!” If you have a bad experience then you will never go back to the game of golf.

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