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Golfing Buddy Created for Golfers to Empower Them!

Join. Match. Connect. & Play More Golf!

Do you have anxiety when you golf? Are you a female Golfer? Are you a minority Golfer? Are You an Adaptive Golfer? Are you a Golfer with Juniors? Are you a Beginner Golfer?

I love the game of golf what I don’t love is when I get paired with people at a course and they JUDGE ME because I am a woman, or I am a minority, and they think I can’t play as well as them!” ~Kat Ramirez, Founder Golfing Buddy

Golfing is one of the MOST intimidating games to play. Golfing Buddy was created by Kat Ramirez who wanted to empower golfers to find other golfers just like them. Whether you are a female, minority, parent of junior golfers, beginner, adaptive golfer, and anybody else who wants to play golf without any judgment will benefit from this unique golf matching start-up!

Golfing Buddy is a social platform that connects like-minded golfers by matching them by similar personality traits rather than a score or golf course pairing. You get to pick and choose whom you want to play with.

Golf Courses make money by filling every slot they can fill with no regard for the players. You might end up playing with EXPERTs and feel “Intimated and Stressed and just hate the Experience!” thus never coming back to the game of golf. How does Kat know It happens to “HER” all the time! The feeling of not being good enough to play with just any stranger.

Golfing Buddy is extremely unique because it is a women-owned, veteran-owned, and minority-owned start-up in Mount Cavalry, WI. Kat Ramirez the founder and CEO founded Golfing Buddy mainly to eliminate the polarization of golfing for beginners because it's deemed one of the most intimidating sports. Golfing Buddy was created, so you never have to golf alone again or never have to golf with people that might just intimidate you to the point of unnecessary STRESS and Anxiety.

This start-up is beneficial for golf players and golfing businesses as well, as it offers the perfect opportunity to connect with hundreds and thousands of Golf-Obsessed Members Who Want to Shop Your Brands! Golfing Buddy always welcomes new Partners who want to target any person looking to play more golf.

Golfing Buddy is a one-of-a-kind golfing social community that has relationships with golf courses, golf businesses, and golf enthusiasts across the country that want you to play more golf!

Golfing Buddy needs your help to get the word out so more people can play more golf without the stress, anxiety, and intimidation. Reach out to Golfing Buddy today to see how you can partner with us and support our mission to increase diversity at golf courses.

“I Want to Empower People to Find their Own Golfing Buddy who is just like them, so they can play more Golf!” ~Kat Ramirez, Founder Golfing Buddy

Golfing Buddy empowers golfers to connect to other golfers just like them so they can play more golf without the stress, anxiety, intimidation, and fear of not being good enough. Join Golfing Buddy for FREE today.

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