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Military Families - Features Golfing Buddy CEO Kat Ramirez

By Tiffany Eve Lawrence, Marine Veteran Spouse

A woman-owned startup is giving golf enthusiasts an easy-to-use tool to connect like-minded golfers by matching them by similar personal- ity traits rather than a score or golf course pairing.

Kat Ramirez, a disabled Air Force veteran and golfer for more than 20 years, created Golfing Buddy — an innovative app that is revolutionizing how golfers of every level, gender, and ability find their perfect golf match, in 2021.

Teeing off together was a pastime that Ramirez and her partner often enjoyed. But on one weather-perfect day that was packed with projects and deadlines, she had to turn him down. “Surely you can find a buddy,” Ramirez told him. She was later surprised to hear that everyone declined. After some thought, Ramirez saw an opportunity to create a solution for those challenged with finding a like-minded golf buddy.

“Think of all the other people who don’t want to play by themselves,” she said.

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